The Dennis Moore Photo Collection


The Dennis Moore Photo Collection

Collection Items

"Lois Francis Ralph McKee" Photo
Portrait photo of three children. Handwriting on back reads "Lois Francis Ralph McKee"

"Lois McKee" Photo
Portrait photo of a woman. Handwriting on bottom reads: "Lois McKee"

"Louise Dailey Kelly" Photo
Portrait photo of a woman. Handwriting on bottom reads "Louise Dailey Kelly"

Photo of Child
Portrait photo of an unnamed child in a wicker chair.

"Aunt Betty Wilson" Photo
Portrait photo of an elderly woman. Handwriting on back reads "Aunt Betty Wilson"

"Katie Becht" Photo
Portrait of woman in formal attire. Handwriting on back reads "Katie Becht."

Portrait of Man
Portrait photo of an unnamed man in formal attire.

Portrait of Woman
Portrait photo of unnamed woman in formal (possibly ceremonial) attire.

Photo of Woman
Portrait photo of an unnamed woman

Photo of Couple
Portrait photo of an unnamed couple.

Photo of Girl
Photo of unnamed girl. Handwriting on photo is illegible.

"May Midkiff" Photo
Photo of girl. Handwriting at bottom says "May Midkiff"

Portrait of Nuns
Portrait photo of four nuns in religious attire.

Photo of Nuns
Portrait photo of two nuns in religious attire. Photo taken by Kentz Studio, St. Paul.

Photo of Nun
Headshot portrait of a nun in religious attire, studio unknown.

Photo of Nun
Portrait photo of a nun in religious attire. Photo taken by Barrette Studio, Ironton, Ohio.

Text on back reads:

"Thornton Barrette,
Ironton, Ohio.



Portrait of Young Man
Portrait of an unknown young man, assumed taken by Morrison Studio. Additional text at bottom of photo reads "Haymarket Theatre, 161 West Madison St., Chicago."

Portrait of Young Girl
Portrait of an unknown young girl in a winter coat. Taken by Kincaid Studio, Pomeroy, OH.

Family Portrait
Portrait of an adult couple and child, taken by Willyerd Studio, 3726 S. Jefferson Avenue.

Brinkmier's Studio Portrait
Portrait of an unknown man, photo taken at a Brinkmier's Studio.

Rev. Erasmus Gloeckner
Portrait of a man in religious garb. Text on back reads:

"Rev. Erasmus Gloeckner, C.P.
Born November 26 - 1860
Ordained April 27 - 1884
Died April 18 - 1944"

Mrs. Schorn Portrait
Portrait of a woman. Text on back reads:

"Mrs. Schorn
Your Aunt Mary Schorn"

Children on Grass
Photo of three children sitting on the grass

Portrait of Two Women
Text on bottom reads:

"Mollie Love
Fannie Kindle"

Baby in Field
Photo of a small child sitting on a blanket in a field

People and Carriage
Photo of four people and a horse-drawn carriage in front of a house

Woman with Baby
Photo of a nicely-dressed woman standing in the snow with a small child.

Seated Man in Suit (Tintype)
Old tintype portrait of a seated, suited man.

Man in Suit (Tintype)
Old tintype portrait of a young man in a suit

Group of Children
Group photo of unknown children

Man and Women
Photo of an elderly man and four women

Children with Duck
Photo of three children with a white duck

Three Unknown Women
Group photo of three unknown women

Woman with Dog
Photo of a woman holding a small dog

Baby in the Grass
Photo of a small child sitting in the grass in front of a house.

Child by Trees
Photo of a child standing by trees.

Baby Portrait
Portrait of a small child seated on a chair or couch.

Child in a Pool
Photo of a child in a small inflatable pool.

Woman in Coat
Photo of an unknown woman standing in a large coat, beside a fence.

Child Group Photo
Photo of four children standing outside

Baby in a Washtub
Photo of a small, laughing child in an old washtub.

Small Child Outside
Unknown child standing outside. Elderly woman is visible in the background.

Unknown Children
Group photo of unknown children standing outside

Women in Field
Two unknown women standing in a field

Women on Railroad Tracks
Two unknown women standing on railroad tracks.

Graduation Photo
Unnamed woman in graduation gown, and her parents, photographed outside. Text on back reads:

"Mom, Dad, + I on the steps of the War Memorial Bldg. Trenton, N.J.

Graduation Day
Aug. 15, 1947

Mary Louise
Photo of a nicely-dressed woman named Mary Louise standing in front of a storefront.

Gloeckner/Langlotz Photo
Members of the Gloeckner and Langlotz families. Photo is cut off on the bottom, and first names are lost.

Woman on a Carriage
Photo of a woman (Bonnie) on an old carriage. Text on back reads:

"This is Bonnie - taken up north on a trip this past summer"

Child's School Photo
School photo of a child, from the 52-53 school year. Text on back reads:

"To Aunt Grace + Uncle Jake
From Ronnie"

Ord Family Photo
Photo of a woman and two children standing outside. Text on back reads:

Glennie Ord

Baby Howard Dailey
Post card photo of a small child in winter clothing. Text on back reads:

"Howard Allan Dailey
Age 18 mo."

Mrs. Ball with Child
Photo of an old woman holding a small child in front of a house. Text on back reads:

"Mrs. Ball
Eddie Ball's Mother"

Couple Standing in Field
A photo of a couple standing in a field. Text on back reads:


Ralph McKee
Portrait of Ralph McKee

Grace Gloeckner and Woman
Photo of Grace Gloeckner and unknown woman

Andy School Photo
School photo of "Andy, age 10"

Helen Owens
Post card photo of Helen Owens

Men on the Moon
Three men sitting on a moon cutout. Text on back reads:

"Henry Durst
(Shall) Chal ' '
Jake Hamm"

Baby on Horse
Unknown baby on a toy horse. Text on back reads:

"Miss Barbara Gloeckner
275 East Main St.
Pomeroy Ohio


Hysell Family Photo
Text on back reads:

"Arthur Kennard Hysell
Verelin Ray Hysell
Barbara Hysell
Ray Wife (sp?)
Made in Barbara Home in Knoxville Tenn"

Taken Jan 1960

Phillips Family Photo
Family photo of Dayton, Irene, and Joyce Phillips

Wise Family Christmas Card
Season's Greetings post card from Judy and Karen Wise

Josephine Fell and Sister
Photo of Josephine Fell and her sister

Mabel Berry
Photo of Mabel Berry. Text on back reads:

"age 19 yrs.
To Mary
From Mabel"

Emma Wenning Prayer Request
Preayer request card for the death of Emma Wenning.

Children at Gloeckner Home
Photo of local children. Text on back reads:

"Taken in Monkey Run home of Jacob + Grace Gloeckner"

Bert and Howard Saik
Photo of local couple. Text on back reads:

"Taken Nov. 30 1958
Howard looked pretty good here even tho he was thin thinner than the picture looks.

Bert Howard Sack (sp?)"

Local Small Woman
Text on back reads: "Little woman who once lived near Hysell family."

Heitker and Daughter
Photo of man and daughter. Text on back reads: "Heitker (sp?) and daughter Hurts (sp?)"

Bertha Wenning and Daughter
Photo of Bertha Wenning and daughter

Gloeckner, Work Gang
Jacob Gloeckner in a work gang. Jacob is marked on the photo

Various Local Women
Photo of local women. Text on back reads:

"Irene Grueser, Priscilla Brokamp, Betrice Hess, Bertha Wenning, Thelma Dains, in front Ruth Gloeckner"

Thelma Dains
Photo of Thelma Dains

Gay Russell and Horse
Photo of Gay Russell on a horse

Helen Gloeckner Owens
Post card photo of local baby Helen Gloeckner Owens

Bertha and Mildred Wenning
Photo of Bertha and Mildred Wenning

Bernice and Sally Nease
Photo of Bernice and Sally Nease

Charles Hayes
Photo of child standing outside. Text on back reads:

"Charles Weslay (Butch) Hayes"

Family and Friends Photo
Group photo of locals standing outside. Text on back reads: "Emma and Ben with friends"

Burson Children Photo
Post card photo of the "Burson Children." No additional info given.

Children Outside Gloeckner Home
Photo of children standing outside the home of Jacob Gloeckner

Peg Family and Children
Group photo of the Peg family, and unknown children outside. Text on back reads:

"Marie Peg and family and 2 other children"

Arthur Hysell School Photo
Photo of local resident Arthur Hysell. Text on back reads:

"Arthur Hermard (sp?) Hysell
Age 18 yrs old
March 5, 1950
this was made
March 1950
at school"

Lois Stonemetz Photo
Post card photo of Lois Stonemetz. Text on card is too faded to read

Man with Child
Photo of a man holding a small child. Caption on back reads:

"Jim Stonemetz (sp) and Lois"

"Tweetles House"
Photo of a house on a hill. Caption on back says:

"Tweetles (sp?) House
Bernice Haler (sp?)"

Jacob and Barbara Gloeckner
Jacob and Barbara Gloeckner, and unknown persons, standing outside

Unknown Family Photo
Outdoor group photo of an unknown family.

Wenning Children
Wenning Children: Bertha, Mildred, Lawrence, and Bill.

Mary Louise
"Mary Louise" sitting on a low stone wall

Melva Jackson
Melva Jackson in Chatsworth, Georgia, date unknown.

Unknown Women
Group photo of unnamed women outside, date unknown.

Child's School Photo
School photo of a local child.

Text on back reads
Donnie first school Picture Feb 1955

Arthur Gears Post Card
Post card from Arthur Gears to Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Gloeckner

Text reads
Dec. 31, 1943

Me Dear Friends
Your Xmas card received and needless to say, I'm more than grateful to you for it. Nothing is more inspiring nor more helpful to the…

James Hysell & Family
Portrait of James and Ada Hysell and family

Text on back reads
James & Ada Hysell
and Sons
Alvin Curtis age 10 yrs
Arthur ? age 7 yrs
Ronald DuWayne age 2 yrs 6 months
Made July 8, 1939

Mr. + Mrs.
Jacob Gloeckner

Edith Barnett & Rob Ord
Portrait of Edith Barnett and Rob Ord

Ada Hysell & Family
Photograph of Ada Hysell and family standing outside

Text on back reads
Ada Hysell
J. Arthur Hysell
Ruth Moore

Francis & Helen McKee
Photo of Francis and Helen McKee outside

Text on back reads
Francis McKee and Helen
married Nov. 17- 1957

Various Children
Various children photographed outside.

Text on back reads
Mary E., Alfred Gloeckner
Lois, Francis Ralph McKee

Unknown Child
Photo of an unknown child outside.

Text on back reads
for Grandma
Do you know who this is.

Wenning Child on Horse
Photo of an unknown child on a horse. Text on back only says "Wenning"

Unknown Family, Mammoth Springs
Photograph of an unknown family at Mammoth Springs

Text on back reads
Mammoth Springs
Left to right

Bertha & Mildred Wenning
Photo of local children Bertha and Mildred Wenning

Bertha Wenning
Photo of local child Bertha Wenning in a dress

Mary Lou Hampton & Car
Photograph of Mary Lou Hampton in front of a car. Date unknown

Verelin Ray Hysell, School Photos
School photos of Verelin Ray Hysell, 5th and 6th grade, 1951-1953. Back of photos addressed to "Uncle Jake and Aunt Grace"

"Brother Anday"
Photo of "Anday" (sic)

Text on back reads
This is Brother Anday he ways 1 hundred and 60 Pounds

Ronald Hysell Photo
Photograph of Ronald Hysell, dated 1937

Text on back reads
Ronald Hysell
age 9 mo.
To Aunt Grace

Lauretta and Lawrence Gloeckner
Post card photograph of children Lauretta and Lawrence Gloeckner

Young Boy and Dog
Post card photograph of a young boy and a dog.

Text on back reads
William says this is Billie and Ted

Helen Owens Post Card
Post card portrait of Helen Owens

Text on back reads
To Mary Elizabeth
From Helen
Helen Owens

Baby Photo Post Card
Postcard of a child portrait. Dated April 20, 1942.

Text on back reads:
? Ray Hysell
age 9 months old
Born July 18, 1941.
Made April 20, 1942.

To Aunt Grace and Uncle Jacob

Unknown Children
Unidentified children standing in front of a stone staircase. Date unknown

Unknown School Girls
Photo of unnamed school girls. Faded text on the bottom of the picture indicates it is the class of [Illegible Name]. Date unknown

James & Ada Hysell
Photograph of James and Ada Hysell, with note on back. Dated Nov. 1939

Text on back reads:
Please send this to Ruth
Love Ada
(This is not very good)
Please write to me
would love to see you
please send me one
you and your Husband
photo if…

Unknown Child
Photo of an unknown child on a stroller

James Hysell and James Ord
A photo of James Hysell and James Ord standing outside

James, Ada Hysell and Family
A photo of the family of James and Ada Hysell

Text on back reads:
Mr + Mrs Jacob Gloeckner
Pomeroy Ohio
James + Ada Hysell and sons
Alvin Curtis Hysell
Arthur ?
Ronald DuWayne

Dated Nov. 1939

Martha & Ed Russell
A photo of Martha & Ed Russell.

Text on back reads:
To Grace.
Martha + Ed Russell taken for their 50th wedding anniversary
Feb 11th 1961

James Hysell & Sons
A photo of James Hysell and his sons, date unknown.

Text on back reads:
"James Hysell and sons
Curtis age 8 yrs.
? age 5 yrs
Ronald age 9 mo.
This isn't very good
The sun ? in their eyes

Barbara Gloeckner Funeral Program
Scan of a program for the funeral of Barbara Gloeckner, dated 07/19/38

Adam Gloeckner Funeral Program
Scan of a program for the funeral of local resident Adam Gloeckner, dated 12/21/57

Baby Gary Portrait
Portrait of a child labeled only Gary.

Portrait of Elderly Couple
Portrait of an unlabeled couple

Albert Gloeckner Grave Stone
Photograph of Alfred Gloeckner's grave stone. Text on back reads:

Alberts Grave and stone
Elizabeth wife

Anthony Hysell Portrait
Photograph of local resident Anthony Hysell seated outside. Text on back reads:

Uncle Anthony Hysell (1)
Anthony Hysell Grace Gloeckner's Brother (2)

Portrait of Child
Portrait of an unknown child.

Dennis by Car
Local resident Lloyd "Dennis" Moore standing by a car. Picture was taken in Monkey Run, around 20 Oak Street, his residence at that time.

Grace Gloeckner Handwriting
A handwritten poem by Grace Gloeckner on the back of a Jacob Gloeckner Greenhouse statement. Text reads:
may you feel a special blessing
as the hours are passing by
and receive the reassurance
that his love is always nigh
for in anytime of…

Dennis Moore Portrait
Portrait of local child Dennis Moore with toy airplane.

Alfred Gloeckner Portrait
Portrait of local resident Alfred Gloeckner

Jacob & Grace Gloeckner
Photograph of local residents Jacob & Grace Gloeckner. Text on back reads:

Jacob + Grace Gloeckner
Parents of Ruth, Mary, & Alfred

Baseball Players
Photograph of members of the "Rugmakers" baseball team. Text on back says:

"Boy I got mark is the boy that beat Minnesota last year when North Western played them. 6 - 0. *** Deihle *** *** *** *** Roomy?
Herb Carpel
Pete Donald

Gloeckner Family Photo
Photograph of members of the Gloeckner family seated on a couch. Text on back says:

Ruth Gloeckner Moore
Jacob "
Grace Hysell Gloeckner
Alfred "
Mary E. " Harris, Horton

Baby Brian in Seat
Photograph of local child Brian in a reclining baby seat. Photograph dated Jan. 1969

Ruth Moore Photograph
Photograph of local resident Ruth Moore standing in a field.

"Sister Anselma" Photo
Photograph of "Sister Anselma." Text on back reads:

This is Jacob Gloeckner's sister. She became a nun.

Sister Anselma

Harold Wenning Memorial Card
Card and prayer in memory of local resident Harold P Wenning. Front depicts Jesus Christ and back shows birth and death dates, and a prayer.

Hysell, Gloeckner, & McKee Families
Group photo of members of the Gloeckner, Hysell, and McKee families. Text on back reads:

George Hysell Jacob Gloeckner and Grace in back

Mary Hysell
Alfred Gloeckner
Ralph McKee
Francis "
Lois "
Mary E Gloeckner

Baby Brian and Grace Gloeckner
Photo of local child Brian and Grace Gloeckner

"Peg Dailey Family"
A photo of a family standing outside. Text on the back reads: "Peg Dailey Family"

Family Photo
Photo of a local family (Gloeckner?) standing in front of a home. Text on back reads:

Grandma (Barbara Gloeckner)

Gloeckner Children, Pigs, and Chickens
A photo of local children Lauretta and Lawrence Gloeckner standing with several pigs and chickens.

Local Boys and Horse
Local boys and a single horse in front of a farm building. Text on back reads:

Ronnie Russel
Dennis Moore *** King over Anthony Russel's shoulder
Gary Moore
Robert Harris (Mary's Boy)

Chuck Gloeckner Photograph
Photo of local child Chuck Gloeckner standing outside

Trina Moore Portrait
Portrait of local resident Trina Moore. Back of photo says:

Trina Moore
Charles Daughter

Meigs Retired Senior Volunteers Article
Clipping from a November 1992 article showing several participants in the Meigs Retired Senior Volunteer Program. Pictures are Emma Adams, Mary Easterday, Dorothy Smith, and Juanita Bachtel.

Ruth Moore Article
Local newspaper article from November 1992 for the Knitting Circle group at the Meigs Senior Center. Photo shows resident Ruth Moore as a knitting instructor.

Marie Dailey & Bertha Saik in California
Photo of local residents Marie Dailey and Bertha Saik in California. Text on back reads:

Marie Dailey
Berta Saik
Dec 10, 1959
Redlands Calif

Marie picking an orange and has a blossom in her other hand. trees are full of oranges.

Mary Horton Obituary
Scan of an obituary announcement for local resident Mary E. (Gloeckner) Horton

Mary E. Horton Funeral Program
Scan of the funeral program for local resident Mary E. Horton

Woman Sitting at Organ
A local woman sitting at a home organ.

Alfred Gloeckner and Family
A photo of Alfred Gloeckner and family enjoying a day outside. Text on back reads:

L to R.
Alfred (Gloeckner)
Ruth Gloeckner (Alf's Daughter)
Ruth Moore (Alf's Sister)

Ruth & Lloyd Moore Portrait
Portrait of local residents Lloyd and Ruth Moore. Text on back reads "Ruth + Dinty Moore"

Lloyd Moore Portrait
Portrait of local resident Lloyd Moore, Text on back reads:
Lloyd "Dinty" Marcus Moore

Gary Moore Portrait
Portrait of local child Gary Moore

Ruth & Dinty Moore Family Photo
Photo of Ruth and "Dinty" Moore enjoying a day out. Description on back reads:

Ruth & Dinty Moore
Charles & Dolly (Wright) Hayes in Far Right

Gloeckner Family Photo
Group photo of the Gloeckner Family. Listed on back are:
Clara Gloeckner
Mary E Horton
Lizzie Langlotz
Ruth Moore
Grace Gloeckner

Dennis Moore Football Photo
Photo of local resident Dennis Moore in football uniform.

Text on back reads:
Dennis Moore - Son of Ruth & Dinty Moore

Handwritten Family History
Handwritten history of the descendants of Mr. George W. Hysell and Mrs. Mary Ord.

Text reads:
"Mr. George W. Hysell Son of Elias and Mary Russell Hysell was born March 30 1856. Died March 30 - 1923. Age 67 years.

He was married April 12-1880…

"Christmas Dream" Poem
Scan of a poem titled "Christmas Dream" by an unknown author.

Photo of Residents
A photo of two local residents in a home

Photo of Lloyd Moore
Photo of local resident Lloyd Moore leaning against a home.

Baby Brian and Cake
Photo of local child Brian eating a homemade cake.

Baby Brian and Mother at Home
Photo of local child Brian with his mother Bonny, seated at home

Baby Brian on Rug
Photo of local child Brian sitting on a rug

Baby Brian Home Photo
Photo of local child Brian standing in a yard

Baby Brian and Mother Bonny
A photo of a mother and child, Brian and Bonny

Beech Grove Cemetery Deed and Receipts (12/02/54)
Deed belonging to Grace Gloeckner, showing ownership of one plot of land in Beech Grove Cemetery, Additionally, three receipts of payment towards the plot of land paid to Beech Grove. Deed dated 12/02/54.

"Andy's Children," Group Portrait
Group portrait of "Andy's Children." Lawretta, Lawrence, Bill and Viv(?) Gloeckner

Gloeckner Family Photo
Group portrait of Barbara Gloeckner, Elizabeth Langlotz, Marie Dailey, and Howard (description on back)

Lloyd Moore Baseball Article

Pittsfield, June 11-Andy Coakley and Peter J. Noonan, returning from Holy Cross where the attended the 35th reunion of their class, attended the first game. The used to be a great batter at Holy Cross and later both were with the…

Coal Port School Photo (11/10/27)
Class photo of grades 5 and 6 of the Pomeroy Coal Port School.

Label on front, bottom right, reads:
"POMEROY OHIO. COAL PORT SCHOOL. 5/6 GRADES. RALPH SPENCER Teacher. NOV. 10, 1927. Huntzinger Photo. Piqua, Ohio. 278A"

On back of photo is a…

Portrait of Ruth Gloeckner
Portrait of local child Ruth Elizabeth Gloeckner

Gloeckner Couple Portrait
Portrait of local residents Lawrence and Barbara Gloeckner

Portrait of Billie Hysell
Portrait of local child Billie Hysell.

Lloyd Moore Navy Portrait
Post card showing local resident Lloyd Moore in Navy attire, addressed to Mrs. Ruth G. Moore

Ruth Moore Home Photo
Photo of local child Ruth Moore standing on a set of steps.

Ruth Moore Home Photo
Personal photo of local child Ruth Moore

Baby Brian Home Photo
Personal photo of a small boy named Brian

Navy Portrait of Robert Hysell
A portrait of local resident Robert Hysell in Navy uniform.

Portrait of Billie Dailey
Portrait of local resident Billie Dailey

Receipt for Glasses (12/05/36)
Receipt for a pair of glasses for Barbara Gloeckner, from W.S. Ellis, M.D. Dated 12/05/36.

Flood at Grace Horton's
A photo of local resident Grace Horton's home in front of flood waters.

Text on back reads:
"flood at Grace Hortons house above Meigs Theatre"

Paddleboat Along the Ohio
Photo of an unknown paddleboat along the Ohio River

Pomeroy Businesses in Flood
Pomeroy businesses in the waters of an unknown flood. Visible are Liberty Restaurant and Ewing's

Portrait of Boy
Portrait of an unknown boy

Gloeckner Wedding Portrait
Old wedding portrait.

Text below photo reads:
Bertha(?) at wedding to Grandma Gloeckner

Portrait of Unknown Woman
A portrait of an unknown local woman

Western Union Telegram
Telegram from local resident "Dinty" Moore to Mrs. Lloyd Moore.

Text reads:

Draft Card, 1943
Selective Service draft card for Lloyd Moore. This card directs him to report to a local address for a preliminary physical examination to determine fitness for service in the armed forces. The card is dated May 8, 1943.

Professional Ball Players of America Membership Card (1941-1942)
APBPA membership card belonging to Lloyd Moore, good for the years 1941-1942.

Professional Ball Players of America Membership Card (1940-1941)
APBPA membership card belonging to Lloyd Moore, good for the years 1940-1941.

Local Buildings and Snow, Aerial View
Photo showing unknown buildings in the winter from a rooftop.

Text on back reads:
"a job where Jacob worked"

"Andy Marie on Ad's Boat"
Local resident "Andy Marie" and associates photographed on Ad Gloeckner's boat.

Ad & Jessie Gloeckner
Photo of local residents Ad and Jessie Gloeckner in front of Ad's boat

"Ad's Boat & Chuck"
Photo of local residents "Ad" and "Chuck" on a riverboat. Chuck is holding a fish.

Text on back reads:

ad's boat

Coalport School group photo.
Group photo of a Coalport School class in Pomeroy.

Text on back reads:
Liberty Lane Pomeroy O.
Flood Road

Ruth Moore
Pomeroy, Return

R Side
2nd Person
April Gloeckner

1928 Pomeroy Jr. High School
List of students and teachers on back reads:
"Rhoddell Stuffy
Carl Qualls
Violet Burris
Virgel Will
August Compton
Llewelgan Roush
Ethel Smalley
Robert Peoples
George Reuter
Ruben Ware
Geno Pierotte
Helen Gruser
Hugh Davis

Mary Horton Portrait
Portrait of Mary E. (Gloeckner) Horton, taken at Schreick Studio, 113 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio.
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