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Telegraph Sidewheeler
"The sidewheeler Telegraph heading upriver at Pomeroy.
One of the fastest boats on the river [at the time]
The Pomeroy ferryboat The Champion 2"

Little Ben Ferryboat
Ferryboat on the Ohio River at Middleport

Outdoor Family Portrait
"Eliza Jane (McCormick) & Nye Caynor Sayre
Letart Township, Ohio
Unknown Grandchild ca 1910"

Inside Summerfields
"Inside Summerfields in Chester, Ohio
ca 1940s/50s"
Men pose at the counter at Summerfields

Ralph Ray Cross
"Ralph Ray Cross
1907 - 1959
Born in Racine, Ohio
This photo taken in 1911"

The Wild Wagoner
"Built at Marietta, Ohio in 1864
Ran the Wheeling/Cincinnati trade route.
Wheeling, Marietta, Parkersburg, Pomeroy, Gallipolis, Ironton, Portsmouth and on to Cincinnati."

Excelsior Salt Works Warehouse
Photo of warehouse in Pomeroy

Locomotive in Syracuse
Steam locomotive near Syracuse, Bartels Farm

Main Street, Middleport
Shoppers, cars, and buildings are visible along Main Street in Middleport. The view is from Mill Street, looking up Main Street (what is, as of 2019, Second Street).

Dad's out for Victory
A man, Clyde Norris, rides a tractor in a field.
Clyde Norris, East Letart, Ohio
"As part of the war effort, the government rationed foods like sugar, butter, milk, cheese, eggs, coffee, meat, and canned goods. Labor and transportation shortages…

Bungalow Park
Postcard reads

Winter in Syracuse 1914
A view of residences in Syracuse. Snow is visible, as is chimney smoke coming from some of the houses.

Lady Grace Sternwheeler
The Lady Grace pleasure boat.
A small replica of a sternwheeler built in Sewickley, PA in 1957. This photo is said to have been taken on the Ohio River near Racine, Meigs County, Ohio.

1907 Flood on Main Street Pomeroy
Flood waters enter the storefronts on Main Street in Pomeroy. "Megga Saloon" is visible on one of the storefronts.

Old Reliable
"Old Reliable" in the Ohio River near Middleport pictured on a postcard.

Hocking Valley Railroad Station after flood
Flood debris on Main Street, Hocking Valley Railroad Station visible in background.

Goessler Jewelry Store
Storefront of the Goessler Jewelers, which was later the Green Lantern Bar. Sign on the side of the buliding reads

Wreck of Henry M. Stanley
The Henry M. Stanley
Built 1890 at Murraysville, WV.
Cincinnati, Pomeory, Charleston trade route.
1990 - February 1st: Struck a bridge at Cincinnati and sank. 1 crew member killed. Raised on March 20th and put back into service. April 4th:…

110 E. Main Street
Two photos of the same building located at 110 E. Main Street. In the older photo, men are pictured in a boat on a flooded main street. The recent photo is a picture of Sonny's Tavern, the business in the storefront of the building, also known as…

Pomeroy Storefronts
A train is seen coming into town on the tracks beside Main Street. Storefronts are visible including:
Ellis Clothing Co.
The Hartwell Mining Co.
Grand Dilcher Hotel

Charter Oak Coal Works
Charter Oak Coal Works / Peacock Coal Company ca late 1890's - early 1900's.
First picture: Looking west towards Pomeroy.
Second picture; Looking east towards Syracuse.

Crow's Family Restaurant
Crow's Family Restaurant, also Kentucky Fried Chicken, a restaurant in Pomeroy. It was a drive-in restaurant in the 50's and 60's.

Professor Morris Eugene Bowers
Portrait of Professor Morris Eugene Bowers (1849-1926), the owner and head professor of The Tuppers Plains Seminary from 1872 to 1886.

1884 Fire in Pomeroy
Picture shows the devastation of the August 4, 1884 fire in Pomeroy that destroyed 43 buildings.

Antiquity Mill
R.M. Co's Mill in Antiquity.

Tuppers Plains School
The Tuppers Plains School was located across the street from what once was the Olive-Orange High School then Tuppers Plains Elementary. This old school was torn down in the 1950s.

Steamboats tied up near Ravenswood, WV
Steamboats tied up near Ravenswood, WV during the great flood of 1884.

The Middleport Flour Mill
The Middleport Flour Mill in Middleport, Ohio.

Letart Falls Elementary 1946-1947
Letart Falls Elementary 1946-1947, Second Grade
Bottom Row (L-R) Denny Hill, Donald Findley, Larry Badgley
First Row (L-R) Mrs. Francis Shank, Harold Faber, Melvin Pickens, Beatrice (Beatty) Gilliam, YonJoe (?) Rhodes, Janice Randolph, Donna Lewis,…

Shade River
A mill and covered bridge on the Shade River.

Hobson Roundhouse
Hobson Roundhouse and repair facility near Middleport opened 1902.

Reynolds Brothers Feed & Stable
Reynolds Brothers Feed & Stable in Middleport circa 1890's.

River Ice
River ice seen on the railroad tracks and shore of the Ohio River. The Pomeroy-Mason Bridge is seen in the background.

Street car in front of the hotel in Racine
Street car in front of the hotel in Racine. The street car ran from Middleport to Racine and back.

Works Project Administration supported story hour in Tuppers Plains, circa 1940
Works Project Administration (WPA) was formed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to help the USA recover from the "Great Depression". During the years 1935 to 1943, 8.5 million people were able to obtain employment.

The interurban
The interurban, known as the Ohio River Electric Railway and Power Company in Meigs County, ran from about 1900 to 1929. It is seen here near Pomeroy. It ran from Gravel Hill below Middleport to Racine.

Independence Day in Rutland.
Independence day in Rutland in the 1890s.

Lewis & Coe Company
Lewis & Coe Clothing company on Mill Street in Middleport in the late 1890s or early 1900s.

Removing ice from the Railroad tracks in Racine
Road crew removing river ice from the railroad tracks in Racine, possibly from the flood of 1884.

Minerville in the early 20th century.

Minstrel at Letart Falls Elementary
Minstrel at Letart Falls Elementart circ 1957/1958.

View of Long Bottom
View of Long Bottom around 1912. The Ohio River as well as the hills of West Virginia can be seen in the background.

The Electric Theatre in Pomeroy
Two gentlemen pose at the entrance of the Electric Theatre. In front of the theatre, there is advertising for the movie "The Railroad Raiders", which was made in 1917 starring Helen Holmes, Leo Maloney, and William Brunton, and produced by Signal…

Two steamboats at the Pomeroy Levee in 1913
Two boats docked at the Pomeroy Levee. On the left is the packet the Kanawah, it was built in 1896 and sank in 1916. On the right is the Helen E., built in 1913 and ran as a packet until 1930. In 1934, the Helen E. was rebuilt to be a towboat and…

Hayman brothers of Letart Falls
Two brothers, Harry (left) and Waid (right) Hayman, pose with a horse in Letart Falls in the late 1920s to early 1930s. Harry Hayman was born in 1910 and passed away in 1996. Waid Hayman was born in 1911 and passed away in 2005.

Locks and Dam #24
Construction of the #24 Locks and Dam near Racine, Ohio in 1915.

Steam locomotive on tracks
Steam locomotive on tracks near Syracuse around Bartel's farm circa 1890s to early 1900s.

The Hostottle/Hostetter House
The Hostottle/Hostetter House in Tuppers Plains. General Morgan rested in the back room of the house (marked with an X) on Sunday evening, July 19th, 1863, after the Battle of Buffington Island.

1887-1888 Letart Falls High School
Group picture of the Letart High School in 1887-1888. The Letart High School was formerly the Letart Grade School, in 1936 it became the Letart Community Building. Pictured are :
Row 1 L-R: Mabel Anderson, Bertha Wagner, Althea Hayman, Emma Price,…

Antiquity School
Photo of school in Antiquity circa 1908. Bertha Wickline is the teacher.

Meigs Theatre
Photo of the Meigs Theatre.

Carrie V.
Crew of the Carrie V. pose for a picture. The Carrie V. is a sternwheel boat that was built in Antiquity in 1897. According to the Dave Thomson Gallery, the boat and crew were probably working on some sort of dredging operation to deepen shallow…

Farmers Builders Store in Racine
Patrons of the Farmers Building Store are seen standing in front of the Building circa 1890-early 1900s. Painted on the building is advertising of the stores wares. Tinware, Hardware, Paints and Oils, and Stoves are a few of the items the store sold.…

White Rock Coal Tipple
Several laborers are shown atop the White Rock Coal Tipple in Minersville. The tipple may be still under construction. A gentleman on a ladder can be seen midway up the tipple. Several other laborers appear to be on a barge.

Chester, Ohio
A view of Chester, Ohio. A mill can be seen in the forefront, the Chester Court House can be seen in the distance.

Adams Mill and Keno covered bridge
The Adams Mill and the Keno Covered Bridge that once stood on the Shade River located on Bashan Road. They were destroyed in 1923.

Letart Falls Methodist Church
Methodist Church located in Letart Falls, Ohio.

The first Racine High School Marching Band
In 1947, the Racine High School debuted their first Marching Band under the direction of Bernard Krinke with Gerald Powell serving as the Drum Major.

1919 Racine High School Basketball
The 1919 Racine High School Basketball team poses for a group picture. Pictured are top row left to right Edward Simpson, Coach Fair, Don Nease. Bottom row left to right are Dillon Cross, Ben Spencer, Theodore Beegle, and Edward Foster.

Bill Hill, SR.
Bill Hill, SR shown on a tractor pulling a loaded wagon of cabbage in Letart Falls in late 1950 or early 1960.

On March 3, 1875 the Argosy, loaded with 1200 barrels of Meigs County salt, struck an ice drift in Middleport and sank.

Main Street in Pomeroy during the 1913 flood.
Flooding of Main Street in Pomeroy. River levels approached the second story of the buildings. Hartwell Mining Co. can be seen as well as the bookstore and Schlaegel's Boots and Shoes.

Blue and Gray Restaurant
The Blue and Gray Restaurant on Main Street in Pomeroy.

Intersection of Third and Cherry Streets in Syracuse.
Recent view of Third and Cherry Street in Syracuse shows the magnitude of the 1913 flood of the same intersection. In the 1913 depiction of the intersection, Citizens can be seen in boats and standing along the flooded roadway. What appears to be a…

Main Street in Dexter
Street view of Dexter in the late 1890s or early 1900s. Two trains can be seen as well as J.F. Bowles Department Store and what appears to be the train station. Several residence can be seen waiting to board the train.

Middleport Brickyard after the 1918 flood.
Photo shows the aftermath of the 1918 flood at the Middleport Brickyard. Destruction of the building can be seen.

Middleport Fife and Drum Corps
Photo of Middleport Fife and Drum Corps taken September 23, 1910.

Cross's Store and Racine Banking Company circa early 1900s
View of Cross's Store and The Racine Banking Company Building in the early 1900's in Racine.

1890 Portland Community Band.
Members of the 1890 Portland Community Band pose with their instruments.

Men working on the railroad tracks in Pomeroy in 1891
Crews working on the railroad tracks on Main Street in Pomeroy in 1891.

Construction of Cross's Store in 1880.
Construction on Cross's store in Racine in 1880. The picture shows the construction crew posing on all three stories.

Ben Franklin 5 & 10 Store
Picture shows the Ben Franklin 5 & 10 store located on Main Street in Pomeroy.

2nd Street during the 1913 flood.
Citizens in boats can be seen in front of the Court House during the 1913 flood.

1929 Pomeroy Fire Department
Members of the 1929 3rd Ward Fire Department pose on and around a fire truck in front of the 3rd Ward Department in Pomeroy.

Sidewheeler Bonanza
Sidewheeler Bonanza docked at Pomeroy Levy on Main Street.

Charter Oak Coal Works
Coal Tipple located in the upper end of Pomeroy. Charter Oak Coal Works Peacock Coal Co is painted on the side of the tipple. Several men can be seen in the foreground of the picture.

General Store and Post Office in Tuppers Plains
General Store and US Post Office owned by William Emery Matlack. A husband and wife (assumed to be W. E. Matlack) stand in front of the storefront with a small child. Storefront windows read:…

The Joe Cook
The Joe Cook, pictured on the Ohio River.
This towboat was built in 1930 at Nashville, TN and plied the Ohio, Kanawha, and Elk Rivers until 1952. In 1948 at Ravenswood, WV, one of the boilers exploded killing three men.

Hysell Family
Adaline McBride, Dorothy Pearl, George William, Charles R. pictured in Pomeroy in 1917.

Carleton College Elementary School Class Photo
First grade class photo of Carleton College Elementary School in Syracuse.
Pictured, left to right: Mabel O'Neil, Dana Winebrenner, Bill Winebrenner, Kathleen Duffy Francis, Charles Ray Hysell, Vera May Williams, James Powers, Thomas Karr

Sternwheelers The Kanawha and Helen E.
Two sternwheelers are docked on the Ohio River at Pomeroy, a horse and buggy carriage is parked alongside the boats. Railroad tracks are visible in the foreground, and Mason, WV is visible in the background.

Celebration for Soldiers Returning from WWI
A parade on Court Street, as viewed from the Courthouse steps. This event was held to celebrate the return of the soldiers from World War I.

Letart Falls 1907
Several people stand on a dirt road in Letart Falls. Four homes are visible in the shot, as well as a church in the background.

Meigs County Bookmobile Headquarters
The Meigs County Bookmobile headquarters housed in the building which was once Schwegman & Roedel Grocery at Kerr's Run. This building was demolished in 1990 due to the road caving in in the area. A new intersection was constructed in this location…

Old Chester Ohio
Old Chester Ohio. Appears to be the Old Courthouse in the background.

Grade School in Tuppers Plains
The old Tuppers Plains Grade School. Building was torn down in the 1950's. Picture shows the school with 3 school buses parked in front.

Main Street in Pomeroy during the 1913 flood.
Picture shows a flooded Main Street during the 1913. Locals can be seen on the second story balconies. Buildings shown are the Grand Dilcher Hotel, P.Gloeckner, and Feiger & Son.

Sternwheeler on an icy Ohio River
Picture shows a sternwheeler on an icy Ohio River. West Virginia shore can be seen in the background.

Water Street in Syracuse.
Picture shows a group of people walking from the riverboat landing in Syracuse. A "Welcome Cincinnati Bunch" banner can be seen. The river must be extremely low.

Middleport Firemen
Uniformed firemen pose outside of the fire station for a group photo. Their uniforms read "MFD" on the chest.

Middleport Fire Department
Two firetrucks with ladders are sit outside the garage doors of the Middleport Fire Department during the 1920s or 1930s.

Munn Brothers Store
Three men stand on the porch of the The Munn Brothers Store in Syracuse. A bicycle is propped up on the edge of the porch.

Meigs Inn
A photo of a hotel on Main Street in Pomeory which has been known as Hotel Martin and the Meigs Inn. The first floor of the building housed the New York Clothing Store and the City Loan. This building was destroyed by fire in the early 1980s.

Old Racine
Main Street, Racine with snow on the road. Several storefronts are visible.

A Meeting of Great Minds
At the Badgley Farm in East Letart a group of men sit to rest:
William Sherman McBride (1864 - 1954)
Charles R Hysell (1887 - 1965)
Ralph R, Badgley (1909 - 2002)
Pearl Peteris McBride (1894 - 1969)
Robert Manning Hysell (1926 - 2015)

Winter in Dyesville
Several homes, fencing, and a road are visible in this shot of Dyesville. Snow appears to cover part of the ground in the foreground of the photo,

Syracuse Dirt Street
A tree-lined dirt street and street car rails in Syracuse are the subject of this photo, with a church visible in the shot at right.

Racine Post Office
The postmaster (with family) and mail carriers pose outside of the Racine Post Office.
Left to right: 2 unknown mail carriers, Clyde Wolf (postmaster), Clyde's son Donald, Clyde's wife, 2 unknown mail carries, Emmit Jewett with his 1914 Harley…

"Boone" Weaver
"Boone" Weaver and another man pose near a skiff at Weaver Skiff Works in Racine.
The Meigs County Bicentennial organization placed a marker at Star Mill Park in March 2019 to commemorate the Weaver Skiff Works. The marker reads:

Early Racine Businesses
Early 1900 businesses along North Main Street in Racine are pictured. A man in a bowler hat stands outside a three-story building with a banner along the side which reads:

Sternwheeler at Racine
A sternwheeler on the Ohio River at Racine comes in to the landing. Two men sit on the riverbank wearing bowler hats.

Pomeroy Roundhouse
Several rail cars to transport coal are visible. Homes along W. Main Street may be seen in the distance. This was located near the Pomeroy-Mason bridge.

Laying Railroad Track
A group of men work to lay the track for the Columbus, Hocking Valley and Toledo Railroad in Pomeory. Storefronts are visible along Main Street. People and horse drawn carriages are visible.

Kerr's Run
The White House Tavern is pictured in the foreground. The text at the top of the building reads "19 THE WHITE HOUSE 04". This building was demolished in the early 1990's in order to reconstruct the intersection which is now (2019) State Route 833. …

Birds' Eye View of Syracuse
The Hess Brothers store is featured near the center of the photo.

Portland, Great Flood of 1884
People in a rowboat are visible in between houses. There appears to be heavy fog over the river where it is flooded. A church may be seen in the right hand side of the photo, as are several homes.

Trolley on Middleport's Second Ave.
The trolley, which ran from Racine to Hobson, is runs along Second St. in this photo. Also, a horse and buggy is parked along the street. The view of this photo is looking up the street towards Pomeroy.

Front St, Harrisonville<br /><br />
A view from Front Street in Harrisonville
A two-story home is prominent in the photo, with a picket fence and several trees line the dirt street.

Herschel H. Badgley
Text reads:
"Herschel H. Badgley
Born August 7, 1899 - Letart Falls, Ohio
Died October 9, 1994

Private 1st Class
HQ Company, 10th Machine Battalion
Wounded in Aisne-Marne Offensive by a bomb dropped from a German plane,
Wounded in the…

Dana Day French
Text reads:
"Dana Day French
Born June 6, 1187 - Harrisonville, Ohio
Died May 1, 1942

Battery C. 1st Field Artillery Regiment
American Expeditionary Forces
Meuse-Argonne Defensive Sector
August 22, 1918

Charles Henry Strohmeyer
Text reads:
Charles Henry Strohmeyer
Born in Syracuse, Meigs County
Born April 5, 1886
Died April 1, 1958

1st Lieutenant
26th Infantry/61st Infantry
American Expeditionary Forces
Severley wounded on October 6th, 1918
in the Meuse-Argonne…

The &quot;Katie Stockdale&quot; Paddlewheel
The "Katie Stockdale" paddlewheel docked in Reedsville. A man stands in the foreground observing the boat, and many passengers are visible on the boat. Buggies are visible on the top deck.

Meigs County Courthouse
Meigs County Courthouse prior to 1877 when the additions of the wings where added.

Racine High School and Church
Racine High School and unknown church. Located on 4th Street between Pearl Street and Main Street.

Elm Tree in Racine
A gigantic elm tree was once located at the corner of Third and Elm in Racine. This elm tree is said to be one of the largest in the country at the time it was measured. The Confederate soldiers with Jenkins Raid stopped here and occupied Racine at…

Train Wreck at Dexter Station
A group of people observe the damage to a train station in Dexter.

Cross&#039;s Store and Racine Banking Co. Buildings
The three story Cross's Store (a grocer) and two story Racine Banking Company stand side-by-side. Cross's reads "THE BIG STORE" across the side and "ESTABLISHED 1880" on the front of the building.

Antiquity Boat Building
Eight men pose with tools atop a boat mid-construction. The boat is being built on the bank of the Ohio River at Antiquity.

1913 Flood in Syracuse
Residents stand amoungst the debris from the flood near what is currently (2019) Water Street of Syracuse.

Dyesville Train Wreck
A group of men observe the damage of a train wreck in Dyesville in 1911. 2 were killed, 4 were injured.

Lydia Cross Ferry Boat
Four men stand on the deck of the boat while it is docked. The Lydia Cross ferried between Racine and Graham Station, WV.

1897 Flood in Pomeroy
Flood debris has overtaken Main Street in Pomeroy in the aftermath of the 1897 flood. Men stand on the second story of buildings, as does a woman on the balcony of another building. Several businesses are visible in the scene including "Feiger and…

Viewing &quot;The Majestic&quot;
Three children observe the showboat "The Majestic" from a hillside in Middleport.

Last Passenger Train
A passenger train runs through Pomeroy for the last time on December 31, 1949.

Steamboat on the Riverbank at Pomeroy
A steamboat is near the bank in Pomeroy. People stand on the lot watching the boat. Three automobiles are parked on the lot.
A building is visible across the river, in Mason, WV.

Inside of Streetcar
View of the inside of the streetcar which between Middleport and Racine.
The sign on the front reads "White Rock" which was the halfway point between Syracuse and Minersville. The sign on the side of the car reads "Racine".

Racine Postman on Harley
Racine Postman, Emmit Jewett on his 1914 Harley Davidson delivering mail

Letart Basketball
1958 Letart "Hillbillies" Basketball Team
Left to right:
Doug Graham, Waid Foster (55), Richard "Dicky" Young (11), Billy HIll (22), Fred Miller (33), Darrell Badgley (44), George Connolly (or twin brother Jim).

The Letart Community Hall
Community building in Letart Falls, Ohio

Eden Church Congregation
Eden Church, near Reedsville. Rev. Eldon Blake, Pastor is pictured in the back row, last man on the right.

Ebersbach Moblie Gas Station
Ebersbach Mobile Gas Station and Auto Station. Later became Landmark

Antiquity School Class Photo
Names of individuals in the photo:
Bottom row Left to Right:
Teacher Cora Balser, Eve Sayre, Betty Buck, Irene Ward, Betty Roberts, Mary Shain, Adria Diddle.
Second Row
Mary Donovan, Faye Donovan, Alberta Sayre, Dixie Stobart, Elmer Ribel, Dean…

Middleport Woolen Mill
A group of men and women, assumed to be employees of the mill, pose in front of the Middleport Woolen Mill.

Current location, as of 2019, is King Ace Hardware on the corner of N. 2nd and Rutland St.

The Middleport Woolen Mill was founded in…

Morris Eugene Bowers
Morris Eugene Bowers, born 1849, died 1926.
He was the owner and head professor at the Tuppers Plain Seminary from 1872 - 1886

Tuppers Plains Seminary
The Tuppers Plains Seminary was built in 1859 and torn down in 1913.

1905 Rock Slide at Darling Residence in Pomeroy
Men stand in front of a rock slide. A large boulder had fallen into the Darling Residence in Pomeroy in 1905.

Brewster Higley
Brewster Higley 1823-1911. Higley is a Meigs County native, from Rutland. He moved west and is famous for writing the words to "Home on the Range", the official state song for Kansas.

W.E. Matlack General Store
Men, a woman with children, a dog, and a horse drawn carriage pose in front of W.E. Matlack General Store. A two-story home is pictured directly beside the store.

White Lightnin&#039;
The Casey brothers in Harrisonville, Ohio enjoying some "White Lightnin".
It unknown who is which brother in the photo, but their names are as follows: James Madison, John, David Frank, George Wilson and Joseph P.

Tell City Wreck
An image of the "Tell City", wrecked along the bank of the Ohio River in Little Hocking, Washington County. Two men stand on top of the wreckage in the river.

Tell City Steamboat
The steamboat "Tell City" was built in 1889. It was named after Tell City, Indiana. It was used to carry freight and passengers on the Ohio River. The Tell City wrecked in 1917.

Summerfields, located in Chester. People stand in the doorway on the porch. Signs on the building read "Ice Cream & Sandwiches", "BEER", "Candy & Cigarettes", as well as advertisements for Coca-Cola. A car sits in the front of the building which is…

Loading Hogs on the Tell City
A group of men use a "hog seine" to load hogs onto the steamboat "Tell City" at Long Bottom in 1916. Pictured in the group is Charles H. Ellsworth, Captain of the Tell City, wearing a white shirt.

John Stone General Blacksmithing and Horse Shoeing - Rutland
A group of nine men pose outside of the blacksmith business in Rutland, some in work clothes, others in more formal clothing, A horse-drawn carriage sits to the side of the building. Homes are visible in the background.

1924 - 1925 8th Grade Class Pomeroy
Dorothy Pearl Hysell is the only known student in the class photo, located at the bottom, far left in a checkered dress.
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