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The Steve Badgley Photo Collection

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Adams Mill
Adam's Mill overlooks the Shade River. The Keno Covered Bridge, destroyed in 1923, is in the rear of the photo.

Final Passenger Train
Last passenger train pulling into Pomeroy, Ohio December 31st, 1949.

Last Street Car run in Meigs County Ohio
The final days of a street car in Racine, Ohio.

Last Trolley to run in Racine Ohio.
Here we see the attendant and the conductor posing with their trolley the last day it is run.

Letart Hillbillies Basketball Team
The local basketball team of Letart. The Letart Hillbillies of 1958.

1888 Letart Falls Elementary School
A photo taken from the old Letart Falls Elementary which became the community building.

Letart Falls in 1907
A photo of some individuals being outside in 1907.

Letart Falls Elementary Minstrel
Minstrel at Letart Falls Elementary with several children standing to be the center of the show.

Letart Falls Community Hall
The Community Hall which served those local to Letart Falls, Ohio.

Long Bottom School
A side view of the Long Bottom School.

The Ferry Boat Lydia Cross
The Ferry boat Lydia Cross which moved travelers between Racine, Ohio and Graham Station, West Virginia.

Majestic in Middleport Ohio.
The showboat Majestic sits along the bank in Middleport, Ohio.

Meigs County Bookmobile Building
The building housing the Meigs County Bookmobile off of Route 7.

Meigs County Infirmary
The infirmary in Meigs offering care and working together.

Meigs County Courthouse
The Meigs Courthouse before additions were incorporated into it's design.

The Meigs Theatre
The front of the Meigs Theatre serving Meigs County patrons.

Tuppers Plains School
Torn down in the 1950's, the Tuppers Plains School was across from what was once the Olive-Orange High School

Letart Falls Methodist Church
The Methodist Church located in Letart Falls.

Lewis and Coe Clothing
Mill Street in Middleport Ohio with a focus on Lewis an Coe Clothing.

An elevated view of Middleport in 1913 during the flood.

Citizen's Bank Note
A photograph of the bank note from Citizen's Bank in Middleport, Ohio.

Middleport Fife and Drum Corp.
The Middleport Fife and Drum Corp stands together for a photo.

Middleport Fire Department Crew
The brave crew of Middleport Fire Department posing for a photo.

Middleport Livery and Fire Department
A photo of Middleport. Pictured are the fire department and the livery stable.

Middleport Fire Department
Two cars outside the Middleport Fire Department.
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