Claybanks Speedway Photos


Claybanks Speedway Photos


The Claybanks Speedway was located near the intersection of St. Rt. 124 and Rt. 7, between Pomeroy and Rutland.


John Slack


1954 - 1956

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Number 14 at Claybanks
"Jeff" painted on the driver's side door.

Hornet Car at Claybanks
Crowd in rear, man poses with checkered flag beside car with "Hornet" painted on it. Also visible is "DRIVER Larry" and appears to be number 60.

Kenny, Number 14, at Claybanks
"Kenny" and "14" painted on the side of the car. A man poses with a trophy beside his car.

Guy Hysell at Claybanks
"Guy Hysell" and "99" painted on the driver's side of the car. A man, believed to be Guy Hysell, poses in front of the car with a trophy. His helmet is propped up on his knee, and driving classes are visible around his neck.

Car 99 Around the Bend at Claybanks
A man waves the checkered flag as car 99 passes.

Three Men at Claybanks
Three men pose in front of a car with the checkered flag and trophies

Guy Hysell in Car 99 at Claybanks
A man wearing a helmet, believed to by Guy Hysell, poses beside car number 99 at Claybanks. "Guy Hysell" is painted below the driver's side window.

Wreck at Claybanks
A group of men observe a rolled-over car at Claybanks.

Rollover at Claybanks
A car rolls over on the race track at Claybanks.

Number 2 Car at Claybanks
A person leans on the number 2 car at the Claybanks racetrack.

Jack Pickens with Car 44
A man, believed to be Jack Pickens, poses beside his race car, number 44, at Claybanks Speedway. "Jack Pickens" is painted on the car beneath the driver's side window.
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